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    In 2000 the Thomas Family purchased a farm on the Omihi hills and began work to create the Greystone vineyard. From the outset there was one goal; to realise exceptional wines from the unique terroir. By 2004 with the help of Viticulturist Nick Gill they’d planted thirteen blocks across the Omihi slopes. The very name Greystone, draws its origins from the unique limestone conglomerate that were found in the bedrock on which the vineyards are planted. In 2008 the first wine was produced and from this point on, Greystone has grown amid accolades and acclaim to be recognised as one of New Zealand’s best wineries.
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    Green pear & apple combine with cinnamon, cloves & rock melon to make this harmonious, mouth filling wine.
    Aromatic Asian pork
    Excellent value
    Greystone Canterbury Pinot Gris

    2013 Greystone Sand Dollar Pinot Gris Canterbury

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