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The New Zealand Wine 'Garage Series' - 22/07/2017

End dry July with a New Zealand wine extravaganza at Pop Brixton from midday until 5pm... Garage Sale has now turned into a Garage Series. Series meaning for your sake, this day event will be smoked more than once a year. How rad is that!

Alongside an exclusive selection of 15 New Zealand wine producers such as Akitu, Seresin Estate, Rod McDonald to be sampled, we'll be introducing our other guilty desire, NZ craft beer... a diverse selection of brewers will be keenly representing their labels and of course educating us on their star products.

Aside from alcohol we'll also have our fav Stir coffee boys to keep you whimsical, and DJ's to keep your groovin'.

With tickets at £15 how could you possibly ignore this event. A Wine and Beer tasting like no other.

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If you're a first timer and want to know what our previous Garage Sale was like Click Here To Check Out The New Zealand Wine Garage Sale. Trust us, you're gonna wanna come and join the fun.


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