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Burn Cottage

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Burn Cottage

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    Burn Cottage is located in the foothills of the Pisa mountain range in Central Otago, New Zealand. The climate of Central Otago can best be described as ‘continental’ with warm summers and cold winters. Average annual rainfall is less than 300mm and makes irrigation almost a necessity. The region also receives plenty of sunshine with particularly long warm days through the growing season and cool nights that help achieve ripeness while retaining good acidity. The quality of the light is extraordinary, bouncing off the rocks. If scenery alone could make wine then this would be one of the premier wine-making regions of the world.

    Enter Marquis Sauvage, an American wine importer with Maverick in Chicago and Classic Wines in Denver. Marquis got into wine at graduate school, gaining an MBA at the University of Denver. During a holiday in New Zealand while on his way to Australia on business, he flew over the piece of land previously used for sheep grazing about a mile from Felton Road in Otago that he eventually turned into Burn Cottage. Biodynamic techniques were used from the very start in 2002 on both the farm and the vineyard, with a policy advised and supervised by Ted Lemon, who, in the 1990's after years of experience of conventional farming in California, Oregon and Burgundy, had become convinced that conventional western agronomic theory was insufficient to explain plant growth, health and reproductive capacity. However, no one previously in the region had attempted to create a vineyard from bare land using purely biodynamic methods. Many said it was impossible to do so. But Marquis had assembled a dream team to bring his vision to reality. Visit the Burn Cottage Website

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    Seductive & enticing. Red berry fruit flavours combined with wild thyme support beautifully poised tannins giving a long, mouth-watering finish
    Intensely flavoured duck or pork
    A seamless wine
    Burn Cottage Pinot Noir New Zealand Wine

    2014 Burn Cottage Pinot Noir Otago

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