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Bell Hill

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Bell Hill

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    Established by Marcel Giesen and Sherwyn Veldhuizen in 1997, Bell Hill Vineyard in the Weka Pass, North Canterbury, is an area layered with history. Bell Hill itself, so named for its bell-like shape on its southern side, was first surveyed in 1917 by Charles Trounce who went on to establish a lime quarry that operated until the late 1930s. However the history of the area goes back much further than that. Maori first explored the Weka Pass around 1000 years ago, when the area was still forested and rich in birdlife. A large overhanging limestone shelter in the pass was used as a temporary overnight camp and early Maori rock art decorates its walls. A small, spring-fed stream that runs through Bell Hill Vineyard reveals an even earlier history. In May 2001 a large fossil deposit was discovered in an area where the stream crosses a patch of soft clay. The clay is thixotropic, which means that the more an animal struggles in it, the softer and stickier it becomes. The high lime (carbonate) content of the clay also helped preserve the bones, many of which are between 1000-2000 years old. The remains of 19 species of native bird have been identified in the Bell Hill Vineyard deposit, including the giant Haast’s Eagle, the giant harrier hawk and all four of the species of moa present in the lowlands of Canterbury (the Giant Moa, the Eastern Moa, the Stout-legged Moa and the Heavy-footed Moa). The same unique, lime-rich soil that has safeguarded a snapshot of the early North Canterbury environment now nurtures the vines of Bell Hill Vineyard, helping to form the distinct character of Bell Hill’s acclaimed Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Visit the Bell Hill Website

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    Blue fruit characters, hint of earth & perfumed. Full palate, fine grained tannins, salivating juiciness & spicy lift to finish
    Duck - any way
    Two & a half barrel selection from Bell Hill Estate
    Bell Hill Pinot Noir Old Weka Pass New Zealand Wine

    2012 Bell Hill Old Weka Pass Pinot Noir Canterbury

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  • Taste
    Dark fruit, hints of cinnamon, spice & liquorice. Textural richness, clear minerality, suppleness & elegance
    Spiced duck
    Bell Hill, Pinot Noir, 2012

    2012 Bell Hill Pinot Noir Canterbury

  • Taste
    Delicate white flowers, citrus & wet stones. Energetic & fresh, fine thread of acidity. Focused, pure mineral salinity
    Caramalised brioche, foie gras terrine
    Biodynamic, complex & utterly exceptional
    Bell Hill Chardonnay Canterbury New Zealand Wine

    2012 Bell Hill Chardonnay Canterbury


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