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    Babich Wines have been proud producers of fine New Zealand Wines since 1916, when Croatian immigrant Josip Babich produced his first vintage. They are one of New Zealand’s most experienced and family owned wine producers. 100 years on, Babich Wines has three generations of winemaking experience behind it, 11 vineyards in New Zealand’s finest wine regions, and a passion for winemaking as a way of life. Babich Wines philosophy is to have vineyards in the right regions on superior sites, and getting the right varieties on those superior sites. They aim to create wines that are stylish and refined and have easy drinking appeal. Next year will see Babich Wines celebrate a centenary of business. Visit the Babich Website.

    If you want to dive further into the world of Babich, check out this Wine Zealand Project video here.

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    Hawkes Bay

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